WordPress for Your practice

We reviewed many dozens of private healthcare practice web sites – specifically: orthopedic and chiropractic. And it’s frustrating to see the difference between good sites and bad sites. The gap is HUGE. Only few private practices have adequate online presence (and digital marketing).
But these days the first experience is online – for all patients and any healthcare provider – check it out online, and mostly – on the mobile phone.
Q: So how come the practices are not up-to-date with the Internet changes over the past 10 years?
It could be technology – it’s getting more complicated for average small practice to handle. But the good news – there are much better tools now than we had 10 years ago.
A good start for any practice would be to switch to WordPress – blogging and Content Management System (CMS).
It can do almost anything these days and it will keep any practice web site current for the next 10 years …
  • Over 10,000 Themes: change look and feel every year or as you wish
  • Over 40,000 plugins: to add any feature possible
  • SEO (with some smart plugins)
  • Responsive design (automatic layouts for different screen sizes)
  • Content publishing (blog, articles, newsletters)
  • Content pages: About, Contact, …
  • Create special pages on the web site: Special promotions, Landing pages
  • eCommerce: create online store
  • User registration
  • Private membership groups
  • and more …
There is nothing else comparable to WordPress right now – to make website for private practice (and any small business). A lot of very useful things just come pre-built with the WordPress. And if something is missing – it’s easy to add.
Here are just some of the things you might consider doing:
There are plenty of  Meetups, Support groups and independent designers and developers, who would be happy to customize your web site and make it look exactly as you want it to be …
It all sounds good, but up to 50% of businesses still don’t have a web site right now ….
And just about 25% of the websites are actually “useful” for patients.
So we have a long way to go to welcome patients online.