Patient Eligibility Verification

Eligibility app helps to check patient insurance within 30 seconds.  Here is the web page with highlights of key values for small practice to check patient’s insurance on-line.

Validate Patient Insurance under 30 seconds

Old way: Traditionally, when patient come to the office, front desk staff has to call insurance carrier over the phone.

Surprisingly – a phone number on the back of the insurance card depends on the patient’s plan – and it could be different even for the same insurance carrier. So it’s not just one number for Anthem, for example.

These phone calls last 5-15 minutes (or more), sometimes they hang up – it’s extremely un-productive. And the front desk staff has to write all the numbers over the phone (could be dozen of numbers).

Better way: these days, some insurance carriers provide web access to their systems, to verify patients. But it’s different portals for each carrier, so if you accept 30 different carriers – you will have to login into 30 different portals.  🙁

Best way: With new data exchange technologies there is no need to call Insurance or login to different portals – from one computer screen you can check patient information with any of 300+ insurance carriers. One simple Web form, one Interface – you can access them all.

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