Eligibility App – History updated

Eligibility app was recently updated. Now the History screen shows the monthly count of patient insurance verifications.

Patient History Count by Month

If you use Eligibility app to check just new patients – this would show how many new patients you had every month.And the numbers are updated instantly after every verification.

If you verify insurance/eligibility for new and existing patients – the count would show total number of patient verifications.

How to get business results from your practice web site?

On-line payments are convenient for patients

Does your practice web site make money or help your business?

It’s not important if your practice has a website. Most of all it’s important if the website works for you.

Q: If it does not help your business – why do you have it?

It only helps you if it brings you patients, makes money, or helps in any other way.

We know doctors who do not have a website, and saying they don’t need it – because they’ve been in business for a long time and all new patients come through referrals.

Is this a good argument?
(You may also notice –  the same doctors use old mobile phones).

Well, maybe it’s convenient for these doctors, but is it convenient for the patients?

What patients expect from doctor’s website is similar to what they expect from any other website – information and convenience.

Information and convenience should be specific to one’s practice (not generic).

Internet and smart phones trained patients to find, order and pay for products and services on-line.

If you are too busy – just do this

The simplest thing you can do to improve the business value of healthcare website is to add [PAY] button.

Less than 25% of the medical websites today have payment button on the websites. And they are just leaving money on the table – by making it harder for patients to pay.

All patients are Internet customers in there are used to pay online all the other websites.

So if you give them the option to pay online for your products and services – they would. And some would do it even before the visit.

Too much to pay at one time – no problem. Offer a payment plan!

Also offer them  other products you recommend that will be good for their health.

Some of these products they can pick up at your office next time they visit. And some of these products can be shipped to them directly from suppliers.

Patients  are always interested to hear more about medications and supplements recommended by trusted doctor.

And if you do it right –  one day your online store will be a substantial contribution for your overall business.

Ergominder team